Sell Your Used SDA Books to Us

Lost'n'Found Books will buy used SDA materials that were published (not copyrighted) before 1900.

We purchase SDA books/tracts/letters/photos/tapes based on five areas:

  1. Availability: Common books (books that are readily available) lessen the demand and its value, while scarcity will increase the value.
  2. Author: Some authors, because of popularity, will automatically increase the value of a book.
  3. Age: Generally, the older the book, the higher the price. However, this is just a rule of thumb because there are some older books that have no commercial value.
  4. Appearance: The condition of a book will make a pronounced impact on its value. Dust jackets missing, torn pages, foxing, water damage or spots, rubbing on spine, underlining, loose bindings, etc., will lower its value.
  5. Autographed/Association: Whenever an author signs their book, or a book is signed by a prominent individual, this will increase its value.

Please follow the packaging instructions given on this form PDF File (Adobe PDF).